i am a designer…

Going to a commercial school soon made me realise it wasn’t the right thing for me. During accounting class I constantly was scribbling onto the black and white photocopies and redecorating chapter per chapter, I carefully did the layouts for word documents and was the first in drawing the posters for presentations or school feastings. But nothing I’ve learned was and is still useless, so at the end of high school packed with all my business knowledge, while my classmates went to study economy and politics, I asked for a working placement in an advertising agency. This decision turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever made. During the next eight months I learned all the basics about graphic design. And here I am… proud to be a third year graphic design student and happy to say I’m enjoying it.



I am a graphic designer because I like expressing myself by being creative and I like being challenged. From the time you get a brief and your getting all excited about it, till your ideas slowly take form, to the best bit when you hold the final piece in your hands thinking: “I made this!” – it’s the design process which makes this industry so interesting and diversified for me. A designer also partakes in many different fields of interests while doing research for their clients, which broadens the mind and leads to a good general knowledge. Thus being a graphic designer means not only being interested in graphic design but having curiosity about politics, technology, entertainment, art, business… In his book ‘How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul’, Adrian Shaughnessy points out how vital the cultural awareness for the modern designer is: ‘Without constantly scanning, scrutinizing and absorbing what goes on around you, you cannot become a successful designer.’ (Laurence King Publishing, 2005 p.19)

I also like looking at other people’s work and that’s basically what designers do we collect and pack everything into our brains ready to use it as inspiration. One of my sources of inspiration is Alan Fletcher; he personates the collecting designer. His work is witty and simple. Not to forget another master Stefan Sagmeister who surely doesn’t know the word ‘impossible’. He pushes his designs to the edge turning them into something special and is not even afraid to show his bad and rejected designs in his book ‘Made you look’.

I’m a huge fan of paper engineering. Whether pop art, origami or packaging cutting folding and gluing are my passions. By looking at artists like Jen Stark or Peter Callesen it always amazes me what you can do with such a simple material like paper. The company BMoss is one of the best in adding 3D elements to brochures, direct mails… It gives your work a special touch and it makes the reader interact with the object.

If you would ask me to describe my style I would have to agree with my favourite type illustrator Alex Trochut who’s principle statement is ‘More is More’. That doesn’t mean I like overloaded and chaotic pages but I’m not a fan of big white spaces neither. Like the houses of architect Hundertwasser, they’re colourful, playful and very unusual, because he leaves no white walls and no even surfaces. But the real beauty lies in all the little details you discover behind every corner.

I can’t wait for all the projects to come, for all the creative people to meet, for all the experiences to make, for all the problems to solve and for all the things to learn. And who knows maybe one day be an inspiration for someone else.

That said, I hope you’re enjoying all the bits and pieces I’ve put together for you on my blog. It definitely is something I’m going to keep up because it helps me to get rid of all the scrap paper (filled with names, websites and things I’ve seen), which are covering my desk. But as M.C. Escher said: ‘We adore chaos because we love to produce order.’


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