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10 seconds advert

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Here it is! Watch the 10 seconds flash advert for the x magazine.


Out Now

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X Magazine

I’m proud to present you the first ever x-magazine (the packaging issue) which comes in a fancy bag and is for everyone intrested in the art, design and media world.

X – Children Book Playkit

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Children Book Playkit

This compact play kit in the form of a book keeps children entertained for a while. The illustrated pages contain templates, which can be easily cut out and glued together to create a house, a plane, a puzzle, a pyramid and an auto. 


IX – Polystyrene Ball Sculpture

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Polystyrene Ball Sculpture

This black twisted box contains a sculpture mae out of white polystyrene balls. If you want to pack something fragile simply crumble and use it.


VIII – Tetris Box Game

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Tetris Box Game

We’ve all played it on our computers: Tetris. It was fun moving the geometric figures around to bring them into line. Here comes the non electronic version. 20 coloured boxes can be arranged as desired, individually filled and given away or used like a puzzle and you will see it is hard to put them back into their box.



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Icon is an award winning architecture and design magazines. 

Every month they interview the most exciting architects and designers in the world, visit the best new buildings, analyse the most interesting new cultural movements and technologies, and review an eclectic range of exhibitions, books, products and films.


We love GRAFIK design!

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Grafik Magazine

Grafik Magazine is an essential reading for every graphic designer. Intresting articles, critical essays, book reviews everything you need to be up to date as well as clever layouts.

By the way… the Grafik magazine has the best magazine logo I’ve ever seen.


Free PDF Magazines

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free magazines

This website has been a big help for the research of the Magawebzine brief. The site lists magazines filtered by categories which are available as free downloads on the web. These magazines are mostly not well known and created by people in their free time for example artist collaboration and so on.



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Varoom the journal of illustration and made images is a magazine devoted to exploring the world of illustration and image-making. It looks at practitioners from around the world who are making significant contributions to the ancient art of illustration, and provides writers, commentators and illustrators with a platform from which to take a critical look at trends and developments in the illustrated image.

I chose it to be one source of inspiration for my ‘X’ Magazine because i really like how they handle the titles with these big letters covering up nearly a whole page.


Baseline Magazine

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Baseline Magazine is all about type, including its design, history, use and links to the graphic, art and craft scenes. It publishes historical and new material, from academic as well as journalistic sources.