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Out Now

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X Magazine

I’m proud to present you the first ever x-magazine (the packaging issue) which comes in a fancy bag and is for everyone intrested in the art, design and media world.


Graphic History

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Graphic Design A new History

“A weighty and extremely accessible history of graphic design…what this book does and does very well, is help us look back and trace our roots with the rigour that our discipline very much deserves and needs. Understanding our own story helps us to have a better understanding of where we are going and ultimately what it means to be a graphic designer today, but also gives us insight into what being a graphic designer tomorrow might mean.” Creative Review

The Summit Book

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The Summit Book


Three years ago a graphic designer (thanks Sonja!) gave me a diary from the German Paperfabrik Scheufelen. Every year the company created a PhoeniXmotion Diary (and even won some prizes with it) for their clients, showing in a very original and useful way all their different print techniques (like embossing, lasercut, colour gold, machine varnish, fragrant varnish, perforation, hot foil…). My book is from 2005 and is all about climbing to the top and includes stickers, nice illustration, games… I love it!

Because the company was taken over in 2009 by the Finnish company Powerflute the last ever published PhoeniXmotion Diary is this year also available for purchase.

Creative Advertising

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‘Kribbeln im Kopf’ or Creative Advertising is a book about the success of Advertising campaign. By asking the question what makes an advertisement hard-hitting and memorable the author Mario Pricken unravels the creative processes behind some of the most original and effective campaigns of recent years. 

The book showcases over 200 examples of international advertising from a wide range of media including books and magazines, billboards, television, cinema and the Internet. 

Clearly presented and extremely accessible, each chapter highlights different practical methods for creating original and unforgettable advertisements like the art of illusion and paradox, using metaphor and analogy, and deploying shock tactics and humour.

Interviews with international luminaries of the advertising world also provide valuable insight into the working practices of top creatives. Entertaining and inspirational, Creative Advertising is an indispensable book for all designers, art directors, and anyone looking to sharpen their creative edge.

The Art Of Looking Sideways

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Art of looking sideways


Art of looking sideways

The Art of Looking Sideways by the great Alan Fletcher is the ultimate guide to visual awareness. A collection of assorted visual and verbal content that entertains and inspires all those who enjoy the interplay between word and image and who relish the odd and the unexpected. In the author’s own words, the book is “a journey without a destination.”

What the book is about explained by Alan Fletcher here.

Whenever you get stuck or run out of ideas looking through it helps you to get some fresh ideas by looking and thinking outside the box and to put a new perspective on design problems or to see them from a different angle.


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Blanket is a free PDF online magazine that is aimed at uncovering art, design and photography from the talented people who create it.

Blanket wants to inspire their readers through informative interviews, cheeky and humorous stories and of course beautiful art, design and photography.

Every issue is dedicated to another theme like: blue, yellow, urban, movement, i made this, good vs. evil, faces…

Have a look!

Geo Magazine

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Geo Magazine


I’ve always been a fan of the Geo magazine. Next to the very interesting articles and reportage it impresses mainly with its amazing photographs.


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Bergundsteigen is a austrian magazine about mountain climbing. It has some nice layouts and an unusual cover.


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Artlab Magazine

Artlab is a quarterly italian magazine and was launched in 2001 to dialogue with graphic and design professionals, offering them a tool for continuous professional and visual developement, covering an extensive range of topics… and all with plenty of illustrations.

After 24 issues, ARTLAB starts 2008 with a completely new approach: a new graphic design and a new format, a new cover concept and, inside, even more space for illustrations. The magazine now also has new international ambitions: all the text is in Italian and English, so that it can now really travel the world!

AGI Graphic Design Since 1950

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AGI Graphic Design

AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) was founded in 1951 by a small, select group of French and Swiss graphic designers. Since then AGI has invited some 600 designers from more than thirty countries to join its ranks.
Together the members of AGI have written a significant part of the history of graphic design since the mid-twentieth century. This book tells the story of their accomplishments through a series of illustrated biographies, plus essays by prominent AGI members on past and present developments in visual communication.

The designers featured here include Alan Fletcher, Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Roman Cieslewicz, Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, Seymour Chwast, April Greiman, Yusaku Kamakura, Milton Glaser, Adrian Frutiger, Tibor Kalman, and hundreds more.