Medicine Alphabet

In Graphic Design, My own Work, Typography on November 21, 2009 at 2:03 pm

It turned out to be a challenging project. For this university project we all got assigned a different word. My word was medicine (pills and tablets).

The brief: “…you are required to create a font which clearly expresses the inherent characteristics of the material you have been assigned…you will be expected to physically engage with the source material, fully exploring its potential for creating an exciting 3D outcome…”

By engaging with various medicines and because of my general love for colours, I ended up with lots of coloured capsules including painkillers, sinus relief and cold relief capsules. Wondering how it looks like when the capsules break up and dissolve in our digestive tract I decided to start a little experiment. I put them into a letter shaped ice cube tray and poured hot water over. It worked the capsules broke open and gave the white medicine free. To achieve the required 3D outcome I froze the letters and put them onto a piece of paper to melt. With the water gone all that was left were some colourful and interesting shaped letters made entirely out of medicine. Have a look at the results.

This is a book explaining the experiment as well as showing the results. It comes in a box, which shows the inital medicine capsules.

  1. That B is really nice. They look like letters from outer space!

  2. […] Ezer; Sean Martindale’s eco-focused “Nature” concept; and the colorful “Medicine Capsule Alphabet” by Simone […]

  3. […] Ezer; Sean Martindale’s eco-focused ‘Nature‘ concept; and the colorful ‘Medicine Capsule Alphabet‘ by Simone […]

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