Stefan Sagmeister

In Graphic Design, Recommended on January 19, 2009 at 5:47 pm

‘Yes, design can make you happy.’

Sagmeister Inc.Adobe Design Achievement Awards Poster (This poster depicts a designer creating an award-winning work out of paper cup (2.500) – running on pure caffeine as many students do.)


Stefan SagmeisterWorldchanging Book (Through the die-cut holes of the slipcase the paper on the book cover yellows over time, allowing the sun to imprint the book cover itself.)


Stefan Sagmeister (born in Bregenz, Austria) is a graphic designer and typographer. His design studio Sagmeister Inc. is based in New York.

What I do like about Sagmeister is his creativity. He’ll always surprise you with his ‘out of the box’ thinking, working with different styles and media creating amazing and well designed pieces you will not see anywhere else.

In his book ‘Made you look’ he not only shows his successful designs but also the rejected once.


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