Creative Advertising

In Advertising Design, Books and Magazines on January 11, 2009 at 1:02 pm

‘Kribbeln im Kopf’ or Creative Advertising is a book about the success of Advertising campaign. By asking the question what makes an advertisement hard-hitting and memorable the author Mario Pricken unravels the creative processes behind some of the most original and effective campaigns of recent years. 

The book showcases over 200 examples of international advertising from a wide range of media including books and magazines, billboards, television, cinema and the Internet. 

Clearly presented and extremely accessible, each chapter highlights different practical methods for creating original and unforgettable advertisements like the art of illusion and paradox, using metaphor and analogy, and deploying shock tactics and humour.

Interviews with international luminaries of the advertising world also provide valuable insight into the working practices of top creatives. Entertaining and inspirational, Creative Advertising is an indispensable book for all designers, art directors, and anyone looking to sharpen their creative edge.


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